giovedì 8 novembre 2012

Anna Burns

About: "Anna Burns Studio is a creative platform for set design and art direction. Working internationally on advertising and editorial shoots, product launches, fashion shows, moving images, exhibitions and art projects.
Since establishing itself 5 years ago the studio has grown from specialising in designing inventive still life shoots to producing major creative projects. Anna and her team work on a huge variety and magnitude of assignments from wrapping an ancient gateway in Beijing Christo-style for Chinese Vogue, customising trails bikes in Namibia for Men’s Vogue to building scale formula 1 racing cars out of clothing for the Puma stores. Most recently Anna has completed her first publication; a book of photographic installations called The Deformers.
Her ideas are informed and inspired by a combination of fine art studies and some early years working on magazines as a fashion stylist and fashion assistant. Collaborating with creatives across the industry Anna designs and directs all concepts from initial drawings to the final curtain; projects are created and nurtured with obsessive detail and enthusiastically interpreted into the chosen medium."

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