giovedì 27 settembre 2012

John Hee Taek Chae

About: "My name is John (희택) Chae and I was born in the year of the dragon (1988). My birthday jam is Tiffany's Could've Been and my blood type is B, but I'm not sure whether I am B+ or B-... I was born in Boulder, Colorado but I grew up in Seoul, Korea. I studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art and after graduating I moved to Brooklyn."

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mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Soasig Chamaillard

About: "I grew up in a Christian Western society. My perspective on life has been a result of my environment and background. The playful interaction of society’s many icons, physical transformations, and the resulting improbable combinations, have culminated in my vision of a woman’s role and place in our society. This inner questioning of a woman’s role, has led me to use one of the most sacred icons in my work, namely, the Virgin Mary. Initially, I begin with damaged statues, either donated or discovered in garage sales, which I then restore and transform. I surely do not mean to chock those who believe but rather to move those who see."

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lunedì 24 settembre 2012

Christy Lee Rogers

About: "Christy Lee Rogers is a self-taught photographer from Kailua, Hawaii. Her obsession with water as a medium for breaking the conventions of contemporary photography has led to her work being compared to Baroque painting masters like Caravaggio. With an eye for the chiaroscuro qualities of light, her subjects bend and distort; bathing in darkness, isolated by light, and are brought to life by ones own imagination. Without the use of post-production manipulation, her works are made in-camera, on the spot, in water and at night. Her unrestrained joy to excite and inflame the senses, while provoking the audience with vivacious movement and purpose, demonstrates her prolific use of the photographic medium to transform reality into a world of her own.
Rogers’ works have been exhibited throughout the US and Europe and are held in private collections throughout the world. She has been featured in International Magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar Art China, Eyemazing, Monaco Matin, Casa Vogue, Photo Technique and others. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California and Kailua, Hawaii."

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venerdì 21 settembre 2012

giovedì 20 settembre 2012


Oli-B is a street artist and painter from Brussels, Belgium, who uses acrylic spray paint as well as screen printing techniques on a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, wood, walls or even stickers. He loves the hustle and bustle of big cities and their crowds and uses the streets as a playground, and makes his art living by integrating it in the urban jungle through collage. His posters are all hand-painted unique pieces.

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