giovedì 28 giugno 2012


Japanese artist and university student chooo-san creates eerie photoshop-like optical illusions painted upon her her hands and face. rather than photographing herself to then manipulate each image into monstrous visualizations of her form in digital post-production, the artist's portfolio is developed entirely from her experimentation with hyper-realistic body painting. chooo-san first realized her aptitude for drawing on skin medium during a gap year in university while studying for admission exams. when it came time for the artist to have a few moments away from poring over her books, she would regularly sketch eyes upon the backs of her hands. as she has refined her process over time, her body of work is now penned with acrylic paint, allowing this material to cover her sections of her own skin with strange optical illusions.
chooo-san has now created a portfolio consisting of painted pieces portraying bizarre mutations including additional eyes, a sketched battery pack upon her arm, or displaced lips decorating her cheek to bring to her preferred canvas strange and detailed scribbles which play with the viewer's sense of reality.

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