mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

Mr.Frivolous (new works update)

new works by Mr.Frivolous

About: "Mr.Frivolous is an artist from London in desperate need of a haircut. The majority of his work is deliberately depicted in felt tip pens due to the fact that he knows he can get a double pack of 24 for £1 from Poundland. Some of of his artistic influence include Gustav Klimt, David Bray, Aubrey Beardsley, Jack Kirby, Audrey Kawasaki, Mike Allred and last but not least Pat Butcher. After 15 years Mr.Frivolous is still a Smashing Pumpkins fan and is seeking help for purchasing every single season of the OC DVD box set."

lunedì 27 febbraio 2012

Shawn Huckins

Based on 18th century American painting, artist Shawn Huckins interjects modern social media jargon onto his works. Bold and often humorous clips of text messages or tweets are superimposed on figures from the 18th century, revealing our modern obsession with clipped communication within the context of artwork that was carefully created over time.

sabato 25 febbraio 2012

Pat Perry

About: "Pat Perry is an artist and illustrator who calls Grand Rapids, Michigan home. The lands of the north, colorful people, music, and the ordinary streets of the Midwest have always moved him. In between showing his art from coast to coast or working with an assortment of clients, Pat travels as much as possible. Although he is happy to be able to speak and have an audience through his artwork, he does his best everyday to listen and learn from the world he lives in."

more works HERE

venerdì 24 febbraio 2012


About: "When I first read on the newspapers that drawing dumb robots on walls was the same as being a contemporary Giotto, I fully understood how far Biancoshock fell from being an artist. And further still, from being a street artist. My "experiences" are not showcases to promote my activities, they do not require any description and they are NOT artworks: they are simply opportunities to communicate and provoke reactions from common people. I'm talking about all those who, although with little or any artistic education, still want to be surprised and moved by something that was left on the street for all to see" f.bncshk