giovedì 22 dicembre 2011

Massimo Gurnari

About Massimo Gurnari: "Born in Milano in 1981. Currently living and working in Milano. High school diploma from Hajech school in Milano. Enrolled in a painitng course at Brera Accademy 1999. He leaves the course before the dissertation due to the low level of the lecturers and the frustrating atmosphere of the class. In 1995 he starts his painting career in the best possible school: the street. During this experience he gets in touch with the new pioneers of the “graffiti style” in Italy and he makes his first tag under the nick name of “MICRO”. This style is still part of the Gurnari artististic mood. This real street experience and the themes of art history melt together in the Gurnari’s work, with a clear POP matrix that mantains a background of “classical sign”. Currently Gurnari’s inspiration is focused on the contamination from old vintage images of the tatoos designs, furniture design from the 60′s and the 70′s, scripts and animals… All his work is aimed to create a big box of memorabilia where present and past can co-exists."

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