mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

Travis Louie

About: "Travis Louie’s paintings come from the tiny little drawings and many writings in his journals. He’s created his own imaginary world that is grounded in Victorian and Edwardian times. It is inhabited by human oddities, mythical beings, and otherworldly characters who appear to have had their formal portraits taken to mark their existence and place in society. The underlining thread that connects all these characters is the unusual circumstances that shape who they were and how they lived. Some of their origins are a complete mystery while others are hinted at. A man is cursed by a goat, a strange furry being is discovered sleeping in a hedge, an engine driver can’t seem to stop vibrating in his sleep, a man overcomes his phobia of spiders, etc, . . .Using inventive techniques of painting with acrylic washes and simple textures on smooth boards, he’s created portraits from an alternate universe that seemingly may or may not have existed."

martedì 29 novembre 2011

Sean Edward

About: "Hi. My name is Sean Edward Whelan. I’m an artist and illustrator living in Joetsu, Niigata, Japan. In 2002, I graduated from the Tasmanian School of Art and have since exhibited work in Australia, the U.S and Japan. I keep in touch with artists from the alternative and lowbrow art scene in Melbourne, and my work has two pretty clearly defined streams which straddle these at times. Pencil drawing is what I’m passionate about, but I flirt with Japanese Kaijyu on the side. It’s complicated, but recently it seems the pencil work has been taking up more of my time."

lunedì 28 novembre 2011

Casey Weldon

Casey Weldon was born in southern California, where he spent the majority of his life up to his graduation from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After a brief time running his own studio in Las Vegas, Nevada, He relocated to Brooklyn, New York, where he now lives and works as an illustrator and fine artist.

By using to the iconography of today and yesterday's popular culture, his work aims to awaken a feelings of nostalgia within the viewer, though often along with a sense humor, melancholy, and longing for times lost.

venerdì 25 novembre 2011

Ben Clarkson

Ben Clarkson is an artist and illustrator who currently resides in Winnipeg Manitoba. His work is often absurd and surreal. His illustrations have appeared across Canada in publications such as The Literary review of Canada and the Globe and Mail.

giovedì 24 novembre 2011

Kilian Eng

DW Design is Kilian Eng. illustrator, animator and graphic designer based in Stockholm/Sweden. Working with visual communication around the globe.

mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

Serge Gay Jr.

About: "Serge Gay Jr. is a Grammy nominated illustrator / fine artist / graphic designer currently based out of San Francisco, California. The story of Serge Gay Jr. began with his birth in Port-au Price, Haiti and developed during his years in the U.S. His art infuses inspiration born from living in cities from coast to coast. Influence in his work can be found from the culture of his homeland, New York, Miami and Detroit. Currently the story continues to evolve from the west coast of the United States. He is the youngest of three boys and a third generation artist. Art is in his blood and he has felt this talent as long as he can remember. Serge wasted no time in blazing a path for himself. Early on he embarked on a journey of self-discovery aimed at unlocking the potential of his deep seeded creativity through education. The first major step was attending one of the top art high schools in America, New World School of the Arts. This Miami institution exposed him to relationships, concepts and experiences to nurture, develop and channel his artistic instinct. The College for Creative Studies in Detroit would then help him to further refine his skills and build the foundation for his art career. Since graduating, Serge has taken residence in San Francisco where he continues to explore and share his talent with the world through career oriented and non-profit freelance projects."