sabato 15 ottobre 2011

Mike Davis

Mike Davis Bio: "Having no formal education, Davis learned to paint by "scamming" his way into a job doing theatrical scenery; claiming he knew how to paint, when in all actuality had no idea. However, the "scam" was a success and soon Davis was going out on his own to work on various projects involving stage scenery, props, signage, model making, character costumes, etc. Eventually, he realized something was not right and had to make a change in his profession. It was in 1988 that Davis made the leap from theater related jobs to tattooing. 1992 marked the opening of Everlasting Tattoo located in San Francisco, California. Tattooing has greatly led Davis to where he is today as an artist. Tattooing served to improve his drawing skills, and lead him to consider, for the first time, that creating art could be a way to make a living. Yet, Davis' tattoo work is very different from his paintings, deriving from different influences and subject matters."

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