giovedì 8 settembre 2011

Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr was born in Edmundston, NB, Canada, in 1976 and grew up in the paper mill town of Madawaska, Maine. Cyr received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions both nationally and internationally and also featured in New American Paintings. He has always been interested in the industrial landscape and vehicles that have defined America. For the past couple of years, Cyr's work has been focused on vehicles he has encountered on the streets of his neighborhood as well as places he has traveled within the US and abroad. While the car remains an iconic status symbol in contemporary culture, Cyr finds beauty in derelict and unkempt vehicles, in particular, those often associated with working-class societ.

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