venerdì 5 agosto 2011

Christopher St. Leger

Info: "There once lived an idea for provincial young men to embark on a grande tour. By doing so they would mature, like butterflies, into lighter and more sensitive beings. It was believed that by visiting cultural monuments, namely in Italy, a kind of artistic sophistication would enter the chest of the journeyman thereupon granting him a gentleman status among commoners at home. Such a journey is the subject of my newest work. By re-creating various segments and landmarks visited along sample journeys of my own, I endure long exposure to the once-held transformative power of these settings, albeit from the controlled setting of my studio. The creation of these images resembles the mechanics of antique photography. Places initially glimpsed in haste, captured digitally in a blur, are studied and developed thru several steps. By dragging out the process, with little to no computer screen editing, I aim to restore a tactile experience rich in happy accidents that celebrates a hands-on, labour-filled authenticity."

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