giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Julia Kim Smith - “With Banksy” Photo Series

Julia Kim Smith is a conceptual artist whose work explores issues of identity, memory, and the artistic, social, and political landscape. Her working method is interdisciplinary, and her projects take the form of performance, video, film, photography, and printmaking. Smith's debut solo show at the Creative Alliance, a collaborative installation with writer David Beaudouin on the post-9/11 American psyche, was hailed by Glenn McNatt, The Baltimore Sun, as "a stupendous achievement of minimalist, conceptual art that ought to forever lay to rest the idea that such work is no more than a dry intellectual exercise. This is art of unflinching intelligence, great passion and overwhelming emotional impact." Betsy Boyd, Baltimore Fishbowl, wrote "Julia is an interdisciplinary maker, switching deftly between performance, video, film, photography, and printmaking. We love the way Julia's images make us think, shudder and laugh, sometimes all at once."

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