venerdì 22 luglio 2011

Gaybird Leung - Squeal

The Hong Kong musician/producer/composer Gaybird Leung asked Henry Chu to create a music app for his show Digital Hug. He wanted an instrument that could respond to body gesture like a theremin. So Henry developed Squeal which is based on his other app SoundGyro. With Squeal you’ll be able to trigger sounds by tapping on the eyes, nose, and cheeks of a face. And if you tilt the iPad you’ll be able switch between 3 octaves. The app will be available in the app store from July on, but you can still submit your own portrait to be part of it.

Henry Chu is a Hong Kong based new media artist / interactive web designer. After he finished his Electronic & Electric Engineering Degree in University of Auckland, New Zealand, he came back to his birthplace Hong Kong and started his digital design career in 1998.

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