sabato 21 maggio 2011

Kaid Ashton

Description: Official Web

Kaid has been taking photographs for over a decade. He began in the mid-nineties with pictures of graffiti and train yards. It was only when he moved to Taiwan and experienced another culture did his photographs began to focus on people. Over the past six years, he has experienced many different cultures on five different continents, creating images that require dedication, a sense of adventure and an ability to connect with people.

Kaid is still inspired by graffiti and the writers who produce the work. Train yards, back alleys, different cultures and countries all produce excitement and creativity. His other inspirations are photographers such as Estevan Oriol and Jay Maisel who traverse the city streets capturing the raw emotion of the people and are able to make ordinary objects spectacular.

In the future Kaid would like to continue travelling and capturing unique images that will hopefully inspire others to do the same

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