lunedì 28 febbraio 2011


Pandayoghurt It’s a graphic design from UK, his art is a explosion of color and form in the best way possible.


domenica 27 febbraio 2011

Kode Logic

‘Daft Vader United’ is an awesome fusion of Daft Punk and Star Wars. Made by Melbourne based graphic designer Kode Logic.

martedì 22 febbraio 2011

Beccy Ridsel

Bet you won’t find this kind of porcelain at your Grandmothers house! Made by Beccy Ridsdel.

domenica 20 febbraio 2011

Irina Werning

Irina Werning is a photographer born, and currently living in Buenos Aires. This is a brilliant photo series ‘Back To The Future’. coooooooooool

venerdì 18 febbraio 2011


Urban street-artist Belin is from the small town of Linares in Andalucia, Spain.

giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

Butterflies feat. John Malkovich

Gentleman Scholar is a new design-driven multidisciplinary production company, formed in the Spring of 2010. Our collective experience encompasses live-action production, design, animation, 3D and stylized effects for commercials, music videos and interactive content. With an eye on design, we draw on interdisciplinary elements to create visually arresting solutions for forward-thinking brands.

Design/VFX – Gentleman Scholar
Creative Directors – Will Johnson & William Campbell
Producer – Tyler Locke
Executive Producer – Rob Sanborn

Editor – Josh Bodnar/The Whitehouse

Designers/Compositors – William Campbell, Will Johnson, Tommy Wooh, Daniel Blank, Paul Yeh, Heather Aquino, Claudia Yi Leon, Joseph Chan

Director – Sandro Miller

Music Composer – Matt Hutchinson

mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

Princess Hijab

Street art by Princess Hijab who is an anonymous 20-year-old street artist based in Paris.

and animation gif work